Hidden is the first book in the Avena Series, due for release in Australia and New Zealand on the 1st March 2013, in the United Kindom on the 14th of March 2013, and in the United States of America in June, 2013. Marianne will announce all further release dates as they come to hand via the Marianne Curley Facebook page and her Blog.

Ebony has always known that she is different. Her violet eyes mark her out, and her protective parents have kept her in a gorgeous valley, home-schooled, safe from everything - almost as if she's being hidden. But she's changing: glowing, getting more and more beautiful, and stronger than anyone knows. Ebony can't stay hidden for ever, and when she meets complicated, intense Jordan, something explodes inside her - something that can be seen from the heavens; something that changes everything. Ebony is a stolen angel, concealed on Earth. Now the heavens have found her, they want her back.

What people have said about Hidden

“I heard about this book and alarm bells went off in my head. Why? The plot sounded amazing, the cover looked amazing and I love Angels. I opened the book and I was in the book heavens literally. This book’s plot is SO original. Yes there are angels but what goes through this novel is something out of a teen classic. I can see this book flying off the shelves... Why? Because it has to! This skilfully crafted novel contains some mysticism, mystery, intrigue, humour and romance in a neat package that is not just entertaining but challenges your mind and imagination… So as I sit here and write this I have the urge to go back and read it again and again. I don't think this story will ever get old. 325 pages of pure perfection.”

By Casey at Dark Readers



"I really like this - there's an earnestness, an honesty about Ebony, and you can quite believe she's an angel - an extraordinary freshness about the writing."  


The Guardians of Time Trilogy has enjoyed phenomenal success around the world with publications of the three books in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and translations so far:  Germany, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Catalan, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Poland.

An International Reading Association’s Young Adult Choice 2004
A “Recommended Read” Red House Children’s Book Award 2003
A “Recommended Read” in the WAYRBA – West Australian Young Reader’s Book Awards 2005

He tries to rise in search of help, but Sera’s grip on his ankle momentarily tightens. Her eyes begin to lose their vivid colour. “Wait,” she says with enormous effort; and as he leans his ear down to her mouth, she whispers her last ever spoken words.

I’ve just made a huge mistake and it’s really going to cost me. I’ve broken a vital code – never reveal your powers in public.

Imagine you were able to change the past. By altering one tiny thing you could start a chain of catastrophic events… Ethan is Named – he has the ability to travel back in time, where he must use his special skills to try and intercept the dark forces intent on unravelling history. But Ethan is also a normal schoolboy, and leading a single life with a double identity is becoming just too much to handle, especially when even the normal part is getting more and more complicated.


What people have said about The Named

“Marianne Curley pulls off a thrilling, complicated and magical story while keeping a firm grip on the reality of present day life.”
Irish Independent

“An absorbing fantasy with thought-provoking issues to ponder. This novel deserves a wide audience.”
School Library Journal

“This book has a fascinating storyline. It will keep you intrigued right till the very end. It is a delightful read and it is easy to follow. It has mystery, romance and fear of the unknown; you just can’t put it down until you make your way to the very end.”
Matthew, YARA Online

“The Named is a strong book – well written and well thought out. Curley’s characters are well conceived, real, whole people… This is an excellent novel for young adults – interesting, fast paced, and a welcome few hours escape from reality.”
Tina Cavanough, Magpies Volume Seventeen

“Set in modern Australia, author Marianne Curley has created a powerful story that held my attention from beginning to end. If students like the Harry Potter books, or the Lord of the Rings, they will love The Named. In the same category as Lois Lowery's The Giver, this book has Newbery Award possibilities. I highly recommend it.”
Alan Review

“Swashbuckling time-travel plus soap-opera relationships make for a page-turning start to a promised trilogy… Anguished heartbreak and suppressed longing are bound to continue to spice up the history-hopping sword-and-sorcery, making the sequels an ongoing guilty pleasure.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Plenty of inventive plot twists and characters, otherworldly and familiar, to spur readers on in this engrossing first novel.”
Booklist, Starred Choice

“This pacy, contemporary mix of action, suspense and fiery relationship is cleverly calculated to appeal to both boys and girls.”
Publishing News, Starred Choice

“Readers will likely be swept up by the ever-growing complications and want to return for the series’ next instalments.”
Publishers Weekly

The Guardians of Time Trilogy has enjoyed phenomenal success around the world with publications of the three books in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and translations so far:  Germany, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Catalan, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Poland.

This exciting sequel to The Named is told from the perspectives of both Isabel and Arkarian, and stands on its own as testament to the power of friendship and the strength of love.

An International Reading Association’s Young Adult Choice for 2005
A Junior Library Guild Selection
An International Reading Association’s Teacher’s Choice for 2005

I blink a few times and rub my eyes as the light in the room suddenly changes. “Arkarian?” He’s still searching for an opening and hasn’t noticed. I tap his shoulder and point to the centre of the room. It’s there the strangest thing is happening. All the light in the room is moving, spiralling towards this single point.
“Isabel! Quickly!” Arkarian’s voice sounds desperate. He grabs my hand, gripping it tightly. Within seconds the light completely disappears. “Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand.”

Isabel and Ethan are two of the Named, sworn to fight the Order of Chaos, an evil band trying to distort the course of history. In this epic quest the two are joined by Isabel’s brother Matt, who is still growing accustomed to life in the Guard. This time, they must find Arkarian, their ageless mentor, who has been kidnapped and sent to the underworld – a nightmarish landscape full of bizarre creatures. Although Isabel and Ethan have been forbidden to rescue him, an ever-increasing connection to Arkarian drives Isabel to convince Ethan and Matt that they must risk everything to find him, despite the potential consequences. At the critical moment, will each of them find within themselves what they need to complete their quest and defeat their enemies?

What people have said about The Dark

“The dual-narrative of the strong male and female characters glides the story along at the right pace and makes it difficult to put the book down… The Dark is engaging and suspenseful and the characters are warm, making it a magical story placed firmly between fantasy and reality.”
SPRESS Magazine

“The Dark is a thrilling, complicated and magical story.”
The Age Teacher Newsletter

“The characters are strong and tackle their problems head on… The suspense is strong as is the sense of the complex plot developing. Loyalty, sacrifice, friendship, trust and faith in self and others are strong themes, with references to medicine, science, history and future relating to the older and tweaking interest. Many positive messages exist in the text within a diversity of settings, both real and fantasy. Informative and imaginative, it will appeal to fantasy and adventure readers.”
Viewpoint Magazine

“Fans will eat it up with a spoon.”
Kirkus Reviews

“What a truly stunning follow up to the first novel. The story flows on as if they had been written together, with the characters really coming to life and developing into fascinating people. This is an inspired book that combines the world that we recognise around us with another that channels right back to the legends of Gods and Immortals. Marianne Curley weaves her writing with masterful threads that leave the reader spellbound and waiting eagerly for the next instalment.”
Mrs Mads Book-A-Rama

“Curley’s special effects, whether magical or a product of super science, are successfully realized.”

“Lively, believable characters… An imaginative, suspenseful novel... Plenty of swashbuckling action.”

The Guardians of Time Trilogy has enjoyed phenomenal success around the world with publications of the three books in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and translations so far:  Germany, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Catalan, Turkey, Czech Republic, and Poland.

In this epic final volume, the Named must face the end battle for life on Earth.

"Nothing will be resolved here.
Nothing is ever resolved without war.
It is the way of the universe."

A rustling, snapping sound jolts me back to the reality of where I am and what my responsibilities are.
“What is it?” she whispers against my chest.
My arms tighten around her, instinctively feeling the need to protect. Something, or someone is out there. The sound is too much like a twig being purposefully snapped in two. “It’s nothing.” I try to reassure.
“Is someone watching?” she asks again.
I don’t voice my suspicions out loud and I screen them as hard as I can. “Come on. We’d better get back before we’re missed.” But I suspect we have already been missed.

The Order of Chaos begins its final and devastating assault on the Named in a desperate bid to annihilate them and gain absolute control of all the realms. The Named are in trouble. Not only must they find the precious lost key to unlock their ancient treasury of weapons, but there is a traitor in their midst. Suspicion is making them weaker, as the prophecy predicted, and they desperately need new hope.

What people have said about The Key

“The final book is the strongest in the series.”

“The pace, tone and word level allow the action to move like a heartbeat, up and down with each sentence… The characters have been developed, and shaped with some sophistication. These characters are excellent for students of Stage Four or Stage Five level (years 7-10) to build their own characters.”
Troy Martin, Merriwa Central School, NSW

“Matt and Rochelle’s alternating, present-tense first-person narratives add suspense to an engrossing… read.”

“Throughout ‘The Key’ the slide to chaos on earth accelerates, and once again the adventure hots up in a series of exciting climaxes. The narrative point of view rotates as characters of importance tell their part of the story, and suspense is intensified through the unfolding of the true ancestry and loyalties of several characters.”
Marita Thomson, Patrician Brothers College, Blacktown, NSW

“Book three wraps up Curley’s acclaimed Guardians of Time Trilogy as the Named must search the ancient city of Atlantis to find a coveted key to a weapons stash before the Order of Chaos does. Bristling with tension and unseen twists and turns this series will appeal to science fiction fans.”
Portsmouth Herald

Old Magic has enjoyed phenomenal success around the world with publications in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and translations so far:  Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Catalan, Italy, France, Greece, Holland, Japan, Norway, and the Czech Republic.

An International Reading Association’s Young Adult Choice 2004


Kate is at a loss. She meets a boy with extraordinary powers and a bizarre family history that can be traced back to the Middle Ages. But Jarrod doesn’t believe in the paranormal. When Kate tries to convince him that he has supernatural powers that need to be harnessed, he doesn’t take her seriously, and only puts up with her “hocus pocus” notions because he finds her captivating.

However, the dangerous, uncontrolled strengthening of his gift finally convinces Jarrod that he must take Kate’s theories seriously. Together, they embark on a remarkable journey – one which will unravel the mystery that has hung over Jarrod’s family for generations and finds them pitted against immense forces in a battle to undo the past and reshape the future.


Here is what people have said about Old Magic

“This is a fantastic story enhanced by the author's refreshing style. A promising start for this new writer.”
Yorkshire Libraries for Children

“Old Magic is a confident debut that announces the arrival of a bright, lively new voice.”
Times Educational Supplement

“A gripping, time-slip novel from a new talent.”
The Herald

“A first novel by a very powerful and exciting new writer, this is a fantasy adventure that manages to stay utterly grounded in reality.”
Publishing News

“An exciting, brilliantly plotted tale full of tension and romance.”
Books Magazine

“A beautifully crafted novel with strong characters, a page turning plot and a toe-tingling romance. Its strong visual imagery recreates every scene into movie clarity whilst its understated emotives evolve into marvellous atmospherics, and, like Harry Potter, the impossible is suddenly very probably!”
Teenterrain.com – Books – Fiction

“The descriptions in this book are excellent and I was hooked after the first chapter. The setting of the book really appealed to me and it had good structure – the fact that Kate told the story in one chapter and Jarrod in the next made it easier to understand. A very good book!”
Max Walker, St Thomas of Aquin’s, Teen Titles, Issue 20

“The two main characters take turns at narration, allowing us a unique insight into their anxieties and their mutual feelings. Both are totally believable.”
The Herald

“Themes of belonging and acceptance of those who are different are central to the book and Marianne Curley treats them gently and realistically. The romance combined with magical discoveries is a winning formula.”

“This book is brilliant. I couldn't put it down! It is original and well written, there is a real assurance in the writing, Curley holds the reader in the palm of her hand and really entertains. I like the way it is written from both Kate and Jarrod's view points. A stonking first novel.”
Mrs Mad’s Book-A-Rama

kids night in

Marianne contributed the acclaimed short story, The Star, to the Kids' Night In, United Kingdom edition, 2003.

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